Stop motion magazine

To promote the annual publishing of the Pink Ribbon Magazine, a magazine that gets released in October and of which all profit goes to breast cancer research, we created a stop motion commercial which was entirely created from the magazine itself. Everybody worked pretty much pro bono on the project and it was made completely in-house, albeit not without the magic paper cutting hands of Sven Jansen, aka. sevenmine.

Client: Pink Ribbon
Agency: DDB Amsterdam
Role: Animator, Editor, Grade, DOP
Year: 2011

Behind the scenes

We spend an insane amount hours at the office, day and night, locked into our studio with hot studio lights burning the back of our necks. Yet we loved every minute of it, and I would do it again any day.

1/8th kinetic type

Next to the magazine ran another campaign: Donate 1/8th, a digital platform on which people could donate 1/8 of their earnings. Be it your workday’s salary, a garage sale’s profit, or a car washing event. The 1 in 8 comes from the number of women whom in their lives will have to deal with breast cancer, an astounding percentage if you ask me. Next to TV spots, channel leaders and all sorts of media, we created a little kinetic video.