You’re so beautiful

After getting an engaging, spoken word, monologue, we had few days left pitching. Based on that text we scoured the web for relevant and interesting images to test the feasibility of our “moving stills” or super slow motion idea. Within these few days (and nights) we selected, photoshopped and animated all of them to create the edit. It was a success, and the final campaign that followed was very close movie we made.

Client: Menzis
Agency: DDB & Tribal Amsterdam
Role: Designer, Editor, Animator
Year: 2014

The Campaign

Below you’ll see the final result after winning the pitch. As you can see the visual style I laid down for the pitch movie made it’s way in the final campaign. This time around everything was purposely shot, except for the poster image below. The little girl getting shaved was still photoshopped and animated by me, as they couldn’t shoot a proper replacement shot.